Amazing Travellers I met

Here are some of the overland travellers who have inspired me to pursue this trip for real.

Master Goh and Samantha

Goh and Samantha with Lindsay and Paolo who travelled the same countries as they did on their Vespa.
My idols! I call them Master because they are first couple from Singapore to circumnavigate mother earth on a motorcycle. Their journey took them 2 years 8 months, through 40 countries over 6 continents. I read about him prior to meeting each other. It was at Tan Cheng Bock's book signing event and the presence of my helmet that got me starting a conversation with Master Goh. There, I shared with him about my plans and everything else just snowballed.

Since their return, they have been hosting travellers as a reciprocal gesture for the hospitality they received during their long trip. Through them, I have also met other prospective overland travellers (Dr Iau and Charlie) and experienced travellers who shared invaluable tips and advices.

Master Goh and Samantha have shared a lot of practical tips on getting by day-to-day on the road. They have been very supportive of my trips and I am very grateful to them.

Their amazing adventure is chronicled on their blog

Mark and Sanne

They are Australian and Danish couple who started their journey in Australia on two DRZ400E back in 2011. (It is 2014 as I am writing now, they are still on their adventure!) I met them when Master Goh and Samantha were hosting them at their place. As I shared with them my plans, Sanne told me, "Many people will try to talk you out of it. Don't let them."

We only met once for a few hours but I keep in touch with them on Facebook and their blog


Eventually, we started calling him Ang Moh. Master Goh and Samantha met Jannick's sister and brother-in-law in South America. Both couples rode Honda African Twin then, they shared good chemistry and even travelled together for quite a while. This time, Jannick took over the African Twin and embarked on his own journey from Switzerland, across Russia and then South East Asia. 

He is a real funny guy and cooks really well. As a send-off, we made a jaunt to Malacca before we parted ways. I cannot find any blog from him but I wrote about our meetings and ride together here.

Mario Iroth

He lives in Bali and met Jannick when he was passing through Indonesia. I got to know him through Jannick. He embarked on a 3 months ride around South East Asia to raise fund for orphanage in Cambodia. We met when he was in Singapore and had difficulty bringing his motorcycle in. He is such a positive and energetic guy! 

Paolo and Lindsay

They travelled from Italy to Melbourne, Australia on a Vespa! Now now, who says Vespa cannot go touring. Vespa Club Singapore were hosting them. I got to meet them together with Master Goh and Samantha. Read about the meet up here. I introduced Mario to them and Mario helped them a great deal when they were in Bali. 

Dr Philp Iau and Dr Mikael Hartman

Dr Philip Iau and his partner Dr Hartman, both breast cancer surgeons are riding from Singapore to Sweden to raise funds for breast cancer research and raise awareness in developing countries. Do check out their website and Facebook. Dr Iau have also met Jannick and Thomas and Andrea.

Charlie and Cecilia Tseng

I fondly call him Uncle Charlie very much to his bemusement. We met up occasionally when there is "Overland Traveller Sharing Session" together with Dr Iau, Wei Jie and Cherie. He shipped his GSA to Valparaiso in Chile and began his retirement adventure there.


We got to know each other through dirtbiking but he is more renown for his charity rides to Cambodia. I hold him in high regards.

Thomas and Andrea

Master Goh and Samantha met them in South America. They are very seasoned travellers and camping expert.

Weng and Sharon

Adventurous husband and wife who love travelling on their Vespa scooters. I travelled with them on my first Vespa ride to Thailand. Weng is quite well versed in the operation of Vespa scooters and taught me about doing some repair on Vespa. A month after we returned from our 3 weeks road trip, they went on another 1 month road trip, to Northern Thailand this time. The travel bug bit them real hard.

I have not listed all of them in this page but you can read about them and the interesting advices in my other blog posts.


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