Wandering at Endau Rompin National Park

I sold my KTM 200 in October 2011 due to my studies commitment and in the bid to fund for the big trip. Although left only with my vespa, dirtbiking has never left my mind. What I miss about it is the respite it offers from the daily hustling in the urban jungle. Delving into places far from civilisation, marvelling at the primitive existence of the greenery around, the thrill of uncertainties and discovery! And sometimes, we get rewarded by sights of beautiful sceneries after much bush-trashing and hill climbing. All the muds, sweats and falls to get there made it all justifiable.

Ah Guang Trail, somewhere in Johor. 
Wei Jie organised a ride to Endau Rompin National Park back in February 2012. Itching for an adventure, I decided to go on my Vespa. Riding dirt road on my Vespa was nothing foreign to me. Although with more difficulties, it is still doable.

The First Trip that opened the Gateway to World of Dirtbiking

Before that, I have already been to Endau Rompin thrice. The very first time, was as a pillion on Lawrence's DRZ. That was my first taste in riding dirt road overseas. Close to three hours on the tarmac road already got my butt aching from prolonged sitting on the pancake thin pillion seat. Embarking on the bumpy offroad ride into the nature reserve was turning my butt into battered flesh.

Knowing I was keen to start dirtbiking, Lawrence allowed me to ride the bike half-way during the trail. Unlike some guys I know, who would never let a girl pillion them or drive them, Lawrence was a person without any male vanity. Poised on the more comfortable rider seat, I could almost hear my buttock singing praises.

As a pillion and mentor, he was guiding me through.

"When you see potholes, just open throttle. Try it." I nodded and opened the throttle rhythmically across the potholes laden road.

"You feel like you are flying over the potholes, right?"

"Yah Yah!"

I was having a blast. At one point, I almost rode into a small stream and he grabbed me screaming, "EH... What are you doing???!!!"

The bikes before us slowed down and the ride organiser, Angmokia dismounted and guided other bikes across a muddy puddle.

"Ride slowly," he said.

I did not register the word 'slowly'. Still engrossed in the new-found riding technique, I opened throttle. The rear wheel slided. I landed in the mud puddle with the DRZ pinning on my foot. Lawrence managed to jumped out of the bike, sparing him the unintended mud spa.

"Help, my foot is struck," I pleaded, waving my hand, slapping the mud.

Caked in mud and squelching across the puddle.
Lawrence picked up the bike. Before I could recompose myself from the fall, I saw Lawrence and bike on ground.

"What are you trying to do??!!! I said go slow and both of you opened throttle." Angmokia exclaimed.

Slow and steady.

I missed the comical sight. After picking up the bike, Lawrence mounted and opened throttle across the puddle again. It did not help that the DRZ was on road tyre. He high-sided and he was thrown off the DRZ.

When we were having our meals later, Angmokia was still laughing about it.

On the bike forum, I was referred to as 'the muddy one' and Lawrence 'the fat one'.

Lawrence getting it right this time round. Slow and steady, straddling across.
Ninja Biker
The mud caked bike at Kampong Peta

He missed the tarmac so much that he had to lie down on it.
Once we arrived at Kampong Peta, we actually took a short break and a quick meal. There were chalets, dormitories there but we did not make arrangement to stay there. So, we had to make our way out before it turned dark. There were many activities that we could do but have to miss them out.

The Second Trip on my KTM 200

In the second trip on my own dirtbike, we entered Endau Rompin from a different entrance. There are actually two entrances into Endau Rompin. The previous time was from East Entrance in Kahang, which leads to Kampong Peta. The other one is the West Entrance, Selai Entrance from Bekok. Both routes do not meet.

Again, we did not stay overnight. The roads were peppered with gravels rendering it tricky. There were a few crashes, a Vstrom broke its footpeg and a Beemer broke its handlebar. We managed to use lots of cable ties and a screwdriver to secure the handlebar so that the rider could at least ride to the main road. The perks of buying a Beemer from PML, if your bike happens to break down in Malaysia, PML will send a tow truck to retrieve your bike. The rider and bike waited for the tow truck while the rest returned to Singapore.

On the way out to the main road, a few other small bikes and my KTM ran out of fuel. Thankfully, there were a few big tankers serving as mobile petrol kiosk for small bikes.

Camwhoring while waiting for the others. The tourers rule the highway, the dirt bikes rule the dirt. Pardon the holes in my gloves.

From West Entrance
Mud Jam

The third trip was organised by Tristan Park. The event, called Mud Jam, was a 2 day 1 night trip to Kampong Peta. If you are looking for a getaway and don't want to receive any calls or message from your boss or spouse, here is the place to go.

Tristan Park arranged accommodations and meals for the participants. Riders can choose to ride there or have their bikes towed.
My out of home message to my family. There is no reception there.
Food ration for the next two days. Mustafa has a variety of flavours for vegetarian.
Broken bridge!

The make shift bridge.
Dormitories at Kampong Peta

Giant millipede!

The first day was the ride to Kampong Peta itself which was met with some drizzles. There were some deep puddles which brought much delight to some loony dirtbikers. While Ezan and I performed the mud dance in celebration of the rain, we unintentionally starred in Mud Jam's Official Video. 

On the way out the next day, the rigs and the dirtbikes made a detour to Lemako Waterfall. 

The tricky up slope on the way to Lemako Waterfall. Recommended for Rigs and Dirtbike only. Only one rider managed to reach the top without dropping his bike.
Finally, after a few hours of ride, we arrived at Lemako Waterfall.

Ah Piao trying to climb up the cascade.
Ezan attempting to pose for a kinky porn shoot with Ah Piao wielding a knife.

Nature's Jacuzzi
Canon ball dive.... Not...
Spot Ah Piao, the Jungle Man
Spot Ah Piao, the Jungle Man 
Washing up was a pain!
If you are interested to go, you can get the contacts and maps here. You have to pay for the entrance fee, vehicle entrance fee, insurance and a guide. Do call them in advance to check on the availability of guides and the weather condition. 

Johor Parks HQ : +60 07-223 7471
Peta Entrance : +60 07-788 2812
Selai Entrance : +60 07-922 2875

Register at the respective headquarter before heading in so in case there is forest fire or flooding, they know that you are in there. Usually, there is a guard at the park entrance to check your receipts.

A few months after Mud Jam, 21 Singaporeans were stranded there. 


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