Celebrating Women Riders Month with Harley Davidson Singapore

May is the month when we celebrate Mothers' Day. Little did I know, May is also Women Riders Month. In celebration of this special month, Harley Davidson Singapore organised a ride solely for the ladies. Sorry guys, you will be declined except for the organisers.

It is a good time to bitch about our male counterparts without their presence. Kidding, no, we have better things to do like enjoying the company and conversations without any machismo.

On a side note, I bumped into a colleague in the elevator a few weeks back. He saw me with my helmet and asked, "You ride motorcycle ah?"

"A scooter," I said.

"Isn't it dangerous for female to ride?"

"What makes you think so?"

He seemed to take back his words now. That question peeved me a little. I was being very polite not to ask, "What makes you think that growing a pair of balls is going to make riding less dangerous?"

Doesn't testosterone-aroused road aggression imply some danger too? I am not sure if that sweeping statement is well intended because he does not wish to see ladies get hurt. Or was he trying to state his misogynistic stand on women's inability to maneuver a vehicle.

Argh! If it is sooo dangerous for female to ride, I would not be standing before him answering a stupid question with another question.

Sheriders Chapter is an all-women riding group. (We exist, we did not ride ourselves to extinction!) Kelly, the founder, invited all the members. It was open to those with Class 2A and Class 2 bikes. I do not have the bike, but I have the licence. No worries, I could borrow a Harley for the ride. Sound too good to be true? It was true! I felt really privileged to be a lady for that day.

I have never ridden a Harley Davidson bike before. So it was best that I head down to test ride and select one that I am comfortable riding.

If you wish to test ride a HD bike, you can head down to their show room and request. They are open everyday from 9am to 7pm even on Public Holidays. All you need to do is to let them photocopy your driving licence and sign an indemnity form. What if you crash the bike? Their bikes are covered by insurance. The place is near Alexandra Hospital. No worries but that does not mean you should do so!

Komoco Motorcycles Pte Ltd
(Harley-Davidson of Singapore - Sole Authorised Dealer)
253 Alexandra Road,
#01-04 Singapore 159936

Tel: 6475 0123
Fax: 6472 8900

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There were the Dyna Switchback and Sportster 72. I took both bikes for a spins.

The 1200cc Sportster 72 was lighter and more manageable for my 156cm frame. However, the handlebar was a bit high for my liking. It did not feel natural for me when turning or making a U-turn.

I rode the Dyna Switchback. The 1690cc engine means it is heavier but it is okay, just need a little bit of time getting used. The seat is wide and very comfortable. It also meant that I was perpetually on tip-toe when stationary. My effort to move the heavy bike by straddling my stubby legs on tip-toe was met with much resistance. I had to sit really front in order for my feet to reach the controls. Changing gears was like a leg stretching exercise. If this can make my legs longer, I seriously do not mind riding it everyday.

The beauty about Harley Davidson bike is that they can be customised to your preference. As Daniel, the Senior Sales Executive, said, "It is like Lego, plug and play, you can change a lot of thing on it." If the stock controls are too far, it can be modified to mid controls. His own Dyna is on mid-control.

In the end, I decided on the Switchback. Since I will be cruising most of the time and not needing the gears much, Dyna Switchback is fine. The seat is more comfortable for the long ride.

Wei Jie said I looked weird on it or rather I looked very small. 
On that Sunday morning, the ladies who were borrowing the HD bikes gathered at Harley Davidson Singapore. Coincidentally, 4 of us came down with our scooter.

From scooter ladies

To Harley ladies

TADA! My ride for the day. I forgot to mention the wonderful sideboxes.
After short orientations on the bikes and briefing, we made our way to Gelang Patah petrol station to meet the other ladies.

Metal steed belonging to the other ladies.
Cheryl's little piggy also joined us. It is a female, right?

Lisa's Honda NC 700
Cheryl's Fuocuo with a piggy snout. There was supposed  to be "eyelashes" on the headlights but they got blown away.
Our destination was to Marco Polo's Kitchen in Bukit Indah. We made big detour round Johore before arriving there. Most of the time, we rode the trunk roads, sometimes undulating, sometimes windy, immersing ourselves in the greeneries surrounding us.

Some truck drivers or small cars would drive to the side of the road so the convoy could overtake them. I hardly see this kind of gesture in Singapore. Probably because I am always on a small scooter and had to give way most of the time.

I did not manage to take any photos of the ride itself. I promise myself I would get a helmet camera next, especially for my upcoming Koh Samui ride in August. One of the lady riders, Weiling managed to put up a video which can be view here.

Riding the Switchback was smooth and without any issues until I stopped at a traffic junction that was slightly upslope. I rolled back because I could not reach the brake pedal. That situation called for a ballerina pointe to engage the rear brakes. Damn, I really wish I have longer legs.

HDS reserved a long table at the a quiet corner of the upper floor for us. I have not met some of the ladies before. Time to make new friends. One of them, Mala, I recognised her from my workplace carpark because she is one petite lady riding a Ducati Monster. So we are actually colleagues!

Settling down, chatting up.
We had a fixed menu to choose from, Cheese Burger, Hawaiian Pizza or Chicken Salsa. Since I am a vegetarian, I had to pick from the main menu. The menu is really huge, Marco Polo Kitchen has a wide variety of dishes from Italian to Asian, most of it Italian. There is quite a number of choices for vegetarians as well so it is a good place if you have herbivorous and carnivorous friends coming together for a meal. I do not think the restaurant is halal, but no pork and lard is served.

Hawaiian Pizza

Vegetarian Lasagna
The lasagna was a bit soft for me, I prefer al dente but I still enjoyed the dish especially since it comes with zucchini inside. The tomato taste and the creaminess of bechamel sauce is well-balanced that I could taste both. I would love to return and try other dishes.

Happy and filled riders
We parted our ways at the custom. Some of us had to return the bikes. So time to cam whore a bit with them before we leave.

The Sportster 72
Daughter of Anarchy. I ain't nobody's old lady. I'm my own lady.

After riding the 300kg Switchback for the entire morning, I swear, riding my Vespa felt like riding a bicycle!

More photos on Harley Davidson Facebook Page here. You have to like the page first to view.

Marco Polo Kitchen
No. 35, Jalan Indah 15/2,Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johore Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +607 234 3111
Fax: +607 2300 000
Website: http://www.themarcopolokitchen.com.my/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/themarcopolokitchen

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu: 11.30am to 11pm
Fri: 11.30am to 1.00am
Sat: 11.00am to 1.00am
Sun: 11.00am to 11.00pm

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