Dumplings Distribution with Vespa Club Singapore

I have transported many things with my simple rack and spiderweb netting. For the past 6 years, it tended to most of my day-to-day transport needs - groceries, cat, crutches, pet beddings, etc. My load was not confined to the shape and size of a top box. The possibility of things that I can carry on my Vespa is vast! I really love it!

Barang barang from my sister's hostel to home. What's up with Twister, Sister?
My late guinea pig's leftover food and bedding to SPCA.
Crutches for my bai kah friend. I forgot to tie a red cloth to the end of it.
A Cruzee Bicycle
8-men tent and other camping stuff.
My next challenge for a good cause......

100 pieces of Bak Zhang (Chinese Rice Dumplings)

No problem!

This dumpling distribution event is an initiative by Project Awareness to reach out to the elderly and low-income families. Previously, they also had other food distribution events. Through these events, they managed to identify families or people who require assistance in any ways. Check out their Facebook page for some of their works and events.

The week before I was spotted by Vice-President of Vespa Club Singapore, Patricia at Ride Safe Event. She shared with me about the club and also dragged me in to take a photo with the rest of the Vespas.

At the Ride Safe event
I reached out to the club via Facebook and was contacted by the committee member Azman. He told me about this event. So one week into knowing the club, I was riding with them for a good cause.

Project Awareness appointed Riders of Vespa Club Singapore to help in the delivery of the dumplings to more than 20 locations all over Singapore.

Azman briefing the riders!

The smartest looking and most well-dressed Vespa I have ever met.

Azman striking a pose while busy on the phone. "Can collect the bak zhangs already?"

Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, the provider of the dumplings.

Halal Bak Zhangs, so our Muslim friends can enjoy it too.
The time when the blue IKEA bags come to good use.
We are delegated to locations near our residential area. There will be volunteers who will be distributing the dumplings. So I was assigned to Bedok North.

While waiting for the other volunteers there, I was approached by a Makcik who asked me to teach her how to delete SMSes in her Inbox. I sat there for 15 minutes teaching her, oblivious to anybody who is looking for dumplings. Oops.

After I was done and looked up, there was a family walking and screening around the void deck. Not sure how long have they been looking around. One gentleman, two ladies and two young boys. They look like a family. My job was simple, just hand them the 100 dumplings for distribution.

Most of the riders congregated after the delivery and shared our experiences. It was heartening to know that many of the volunteers we met came as a family. I imagine it would be a very humbling experience, especially to build up compassion and empathy in their children.

After completing my degree programme last year, I set some goals to achieve for myself - save a target amount for my big trip every month, learn a new language (more or less there for Italian), contribute to the society in someways.

I am not the richest person around to be making monetary donations. Blessed with a healthy body, I made it a point to donate blood regularly. I believe I can do more than that, just that I am giving myself excuses.

Looking at the work that the volunteers of Project Awareness have done, I really have the utmost respect for their dedication. One of the volunteer is an 18 year old student from Temasek Polytechnic, he actually works part-time to buy wheelchairs and food rations for the needy. Impressive young man!

We tend to make a big hoo haa when we meet assholes on the street. How often do we make a woo haa when someone make the extra step to helping you? If you look hard enough, there are actually many compassionate people around who contribute their time to helping others, it is just that they tend to remain low profile and not expecting any credit or recognition in return.

If you meet more assholes than nice people, either you are very suay or you are not attentive enough to even little acts of kindness. If you need someone to risk his or her life to push you away from an oncoming car in order to realise humanity in mankind, I would glady put you in the middle of the road and get run over. Hahaha, sorry, my morbid thoughts can be too much at times. So stop saying that Singaporeans are an indifferent bunch!


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