'Classic' Vespa Glovebox Bag By SIP - Being an unintended guinea pig for a product

As I was riding through Kuala Lumpur, I was introduced to Shauki of Vespa Planet. He gave me something that proves to be one of the most useful and heavily utilised gift in this trip.

Easy to install with just 3 velcro straps closed behind the glovebox lid, Shauki strapped it on and it has been there since.

Be it at the traffic light or in the jam, hydration is within reach with the bottle holder. The compartments hold my compass, maps, insurance document and even my mobile phone as it charges it from my scooter battery.

The glovebox bag also became the object of envy for motorcycle travellers. Rather than fumbling through strapped-down luggages to retrieve vehicle documents for border crossings, I could easily reach them by sliding the zip open. My friend even tasked me to hold his documents when we were crossing the Indo-Pakistan border together. (BAD IDEA to carry someone else's document in case of separation. You may read about my frantic border crossing here.)

Somewhere in Switzerland, maps within reach from the glovebox bag.

House on the Rock at Drina River, Serbia.
After 27 months, 24 countries, 44,000km and repeated opening and closing of the glovebox, I rolled into SIP Scootershop in Landsberg, Germany. Moritz, who works for SIP, inspected the bag and was impressed with its durability. So was I, more astonished that I landed myself in the office of those who produces this daily handy accessory which I had almost taken for granted.

The bag has only deviated from its original colour (caked with dirt from all over the world) but not its functionality - a testament to the quality of the materials and seam stitching. Honestly, the glovebox bag has been quite an indispensable accessory since day 2 of this long ride. 

The latest photo of the glovebox bag!
It takes scooterists themselves to understand what scooterists' needs. SIP staff goes on summer tours with scooters to be inspired for new innovations and developments. This simple glovebox bag is one of the many products of their passion and ingenuity.

SIP Scootershop has also been really supportive to send me parts when I was rebuilding the engine last year. So being an unwittingly guinea pig and reviewer for this product is definitely my pleasure and honour.

Thank you so much Shauki of Vespa Planet and SIP Scootershop! I cannot believe the two photos below are more than 2 years apart! The glovebox bag certainly came a long way.

The glovebox bag can be purchased on the SIP Scooter online shop: https://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/bag+sip+classic+for_40010260


  1. While not a Vespa rider, I'm going to share this with a few that are. Great product. :) Keep safe!

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  3. I could easily reach them by sliding the zip open.
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