This trip will not be happening if not for.....

Late Lawrence Tan for the baptism of adventure. He pillioned his mother to North Thailand on his DRZ 400 SM, I kid you not. His attitude towards challenges inspired me a lot. If he is still alive now, I am sure he will be very encouraging. I am doing this ride for him.

Wei Jie for being the partner in crime with Lawrence, for your advices and ideas. This is your freaking idea! You have been a supportive friend whom I treasure for the past 7 years. What 7 years! Whoa... He has been helping to coordinate things on Singapore side, when I need a parcel posted etc.

The talented and intrepid Cherie, (with Wei Jie and others being the brainchild of Ride North), for helping me to design the sticker and banner. She is also fulfilling her riding the world plan bit by bit.

Goh and Samantha,
 who rode around the world from 2008 to 2010, for the advices and opportunities to meet other overland travellers, for loaning me the Katadyn Waters Filter. Together with late Sam Leong and others, they persuaded the group to let me join in for my first long distance ride to 3 Nation Charity Ride in Malacca.

Late Sam Leong and Ah Siong and Uncle Woo who looked after me the 3 Nation Charity Ride.

Panther Poh, Lai Siong, Goh, Mike Mak, Choy, Alan, Yang, Roy Goh, Kelvin Tong and late Uncle Lim for pooling Ang Pow money to get my Travel Insurance.

Aaron for giving me the PacSafe wire mesh net, some straps and fuses.

My mother who never stops worrying for me and yet she supports my dream in her little subtle ways.

My brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece for the good luck angpow.

My sister for giving me the Infinity Buff.

Auntie Koon Hong for the ang pow, the TCM and accupuncture session.

Dr Philip Iau for 3 Season Tents, Sleeping bag, Ground Sheet and his sound advice plus encouragement.

Wei Jie, Cherie, Boon, Richard, Mtechnik Ken for chipping in for the Sony RX100 M3 camera. It is one of the most expensive gift given to me. I will make full use of it.

Ken from Mtechnik for teaching me how to change tyre, sourcing an airfilter and helping me with the nitty gritty parts of the scooter, giving me a space to do up my scooter.

Good Luck Ang Pows (Red Packet) from friends
Matthew Teo and Adelle Wang
Andy and Sim Eng
Kelvin Kok
Chris Lee
Eric Plus the company up to Malacca

Loh for the Multiple Currency Ang Pow, it is very useful for me.

Ah Piao of Magix Motoworks for sponsoring my first pair of Heindenau tyres.

Yu Seung for being my "PR personnel" and sponsoring my second pair of tyres

Weng and Sharon letting me join in their 3 weeks adventure around South Thailand. Weng for providing lots of advices and teaching me to fix the scooter and passing me spare parts.

My polytechnic classmates, Jeck Chuang, Tridansh, Ping Ting, Jason for getting me the SOG Multipurpose Tool.

Good Luck Ang Pow from colleagues of Temasek Polytechnic -
Ruth Wong, Nadiah, Terence Tan, Clara, Samantha, Alden, HuiYi, Sakinah, Shahidah, Vasantha, Stephanie, Glendon, Gary, Zemin, Valerie Koh, Dr Mithun, Dr Christopher, Dr Sara, Jomer, Annie, Dinesh, Alcina, Dr Khin, Dr Musthaq

Ken, Bear Bear, David, Eris for always refusing my payment for dinners always saying, "for your travel fund ok?"

Eris for advice on weather, warm clothing etc after having travelled to so many countries, and also giving me your unused motorcycle accessories to sell for my travel fund. Ken also gave me things to sell.

Prof Lim Poh Lian for the one and half consultation on Travel Health.

Charlie and Cecilia Tseng, who are currently riding their GSA around America now, for being an inspiration to the young and old.

Miko for her constant support as a friend and introduction to part time jobs for me.

Rashah for offering me the part-time job at La Villa and for being a fantastic manager who treats her staff very well.

Wallace for the tuition lobang so that I can fund my travel.

Jo Yeo, who captured a nice photo of me on my first long distance ride when I attended 3 Nation Charity Ride. He is also the first contributor to my travel fund through PayPal.

ZheHong and Debbie who are also working towards their RTW trip in future, for giving me two Nokia 101 phone.

Kelvin Quek for all the thought-provoking conversations, the good luck ang pow and dream catcher

Luke Doherty the dinner treat and sharing stories of his adventure from Singapore to Ireland. He offered lots of suggestions and advice for my trip.

Dr Frederic Chua of Allpets & Aqualife, who is my dog's vet and also my ex ex boss. He gave me a ton load of travel medications and first aid supplies.

Arthur Tan for the camera tripod.

My polytechnic mates and lecturer Grace, Clarissa, Wallace and Jac for the camera straps and pouch.

Kelly and Adek from Sherider for the Buff and toiletries.

BMW MC Club for the Emergency Contact Card. Thanks Peter

Anthony for the waist pouch and black pow.

Jason Ang, we never met, but he dropped off a tub of mechanic soap at my home.

Peter Ng who supported my endeavours by purchasing keychains and giving me the Analgesic creams.

Luca, (Il Giro del Mondo a 80 all'ora) who was travelling around the world on his 1967 model TS125 Vespa, I met him in Singapore. He gave me valuable tips and advice for my travel.

In Malaysia

Aimpro for escorting me from Malacca to Kulim plus the hospitality and assistance rendered when my piston had problem. Even if it means riding back from Kulim back to Malacca in the wee hours.

Rusty Tan aka Vespa Doc for fixing the piston and block problem, and offering me a place to stay at his home.

Anita Yusof the first Malaysian female rider to ride around the 5 'stans country solo. She gave me lots of advices and tips from her experience. She even helped me check on getting Carnet in Malaysia and hosting me in Ipoh. She let me stay with her when I was in Ipoh.

Shauki of Vespa Planet for helping me to arrange everything in Hatyai and the very functional glove box cover bag.

Terry Tan, we finally met in Ipoh after chatting on Facebook for months. He swapped his Kriega waistpouch with my old overboad waistpouch and gave me a pepper spray.

Dickie for putting me up at his guesthouse 28 Bahari in Georgetown and getting me the rain cover for my saddle bag.

Syukur and Ang from Penang for accompanying me to Sadao. On their way back, Syukur ran out of petrol and had to be pushed 13kms to Gurun R & R.

Khairul and Amir from Kedah for accompanying me from Sadao border to Hatyai.

In Thailand

Ann from Hatyai for being so hospitable in helping in booking a hotel room and the train ticket to Bangkok. She gathered her friends to give me a quick check on my scooter.

My cousin Ah Huat Kor Kor for putting me up at his place in Bangkok for 5 nights

Mr Mai for overhauling my scooter in Bangkok and his wife Ms Aom for feeding me so well... too well actually until I am pui pui (fat fat). He taught me a lot about servicing my scooter and referred me to his Vespa Club friends from other provinces. They also put me up at their home above the shop for my last night in Bangkok so we can set off to Ayutthaya early next morning.

In Kamphaeng Phet, the guys from Kamphaeng Phet Vespa Club welcomed and escorted me, Mario and Liz. Mr Beer, Rack and Kik were wonderful host. They fed us really well again. They went on to escort us from Kamphaeng Phet to Mae Sot due to concern for our safety.

Mae Sot, Mr Montri bought a mechanic to my hotel to check on my scooter and also brought us around town and to a temple on Wisakha Bucha Day, (Vesak Day) for the Vientian procession.

On the day of leaving for Myanmer, Rack turned up at 7am in the morning with Benzine from Kamphaeng Phet as there was no benzine in Mae Sot. I am really touched by the effort to drive down all the way.


Mario and Liz who informed me about the Myanmar crossing deal. I was planning to air freight my scooter from Bangkok to Kathmandu initially.

The international team comprising of Mario and Liz from Indonesia, Liz and Con from Australia, Dave and Ghighi of Australia and France, Przemek from Poland, Oleg from Russia, Mr Reinhold Dreier from Germany, 8 bikes and 1 camper van in total. Great team work, we helped each other out so that we could cross the country in 9 days.

Burma Senses Travel and Tours for providing great service, taking our feedback and make changes to the itinerary accordingly.

In Northeast India

Yakuza Solo for meeting me in Kohima and helping me out with the blown gasket, the lunch and puri treat. It was a pleasure listening about his upcoming cycling trip. You crazy guy.

Late Suhail Muneer Bhai for connecting with biker throughout Northeast India, including Murfi, Arnab, Anupam.

Murfi from Imphal for offering to receive me at the border, we did not manage to meet but I would like to thank you for putting me in touch with bikers throughout India.

Arnab in Guwahati for helping me with my scooter issues after I screwed up the clutch and for checking me when I was nursing my toe infection.

Bikers from Shillong for the friendship and hospitality. JDan, PT, Philip for the ride to Mawlynnong.

Heprit of By the Way, Backpacker's Lodge in Cherrapunjee for the conversations and the affordable accommodation in Cherrapunjee.

Byron of Serene Homestay Nongriat for showing me things that a city dweller like me do not realise. Staying at Nongriat was a humbling and eye-opening experience.

xBHP for great event at Umiam Lake where I had the opportunity to meet
- Jo and her family, we figured cooking fish together
- Kaleem Ma, he is close to 70 years old and attempted to ride 35,000km all over India. He offered me fatherly advice and made a contribution to my journey.
- Mircea from Romania riding Royal Enfield around NEI.
- Sidhraj riding cross India on KTM Duke 200
- Trideep and Catherine who kindly hosted me at their home for a night and getting to know about their eCommerce The Northeast Store.

Teesta Thumper Motorcycle Club

Teesta Thumper Motorcycle Club for the assistance along the way from Alipurduar to Siliguri. Bikash, Anupam, Souti, Saura

Random people on the street, checking if I am ok after I dropped my scooter in a ditch, and then gave me their number, if I need any help along the way, give them a call.


Raju for stopping to check on me when I had scooter trouble and then accompanying me through rough road until I meet Sandra.

Sandra for bringing me around Kathmandu, cooking my favourite Palak Paneer and offering your friendship.

Rajiv Didi for being the closest connection I have to Singapore after being away from home for two months. I could finally speak Singlish with someone. Thank you for bringing me to the workshop to check on my scooter, to Nagarkot for sunset, I will miss riding with you.

Visswa who runs G Cafe in Kathmandu, upon knowing that I am an overlander, he said, "Meals are on me." He has plans to drive from Germany to Nepal too.

Goofy for the dinner treat at Rum Doodle Bar and Restaurant.


In Rishikesh Yog Dham where I attended my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, Arvind, Fatima, Narveen, Murli and Krishna for making me feel home away from home for 6 weeks.

Chandigarh, Road Survivors Jojo for receiving me and helping me find a mechanic to service the scooter, helping to purchase some items online. Tejinder and other guys for treating me to buffet breakfast at Intercontinental Hotel. Teddy, whom I have never met, for sponsoring Lithium batteries for my GPS tracker.

My Chandigarh couchsurfing host Deepali and her room mates being great host. Deepali persuaded me to attend flag off for Raid de Himalaya which I did not regret.

In Manali, Godwin and Snel of Ride Inn for safekeeping for my belongings while I was travelling Ladakh. They travelled India for 6 months before opening biker guest house and cafe - Ride Inn in Manali

Keylong, - Ravi of Llama Yuru, for offering friendship and also recommending me to Jimmy's Mulkila Camp in Sarchu, which in turns led to meeting many more awesome people.

Sarchu - Jigme aka Jimmy who runs Mulkila Camp for letting me stay at discount rate and also letting me try his classic Royal Enfield. He also gave me a good recommendation to stay in Leh.

Chintan and Arjun whom I met by chance along Manali-Leh Highway. We went on to travel together around Ladakh and both of them are really entertaining duo.

Leh - Uncle Smanla and Auntie Tahira for being my temporary parents during my stay in Juniper House. When I was down with diarrhoea, you gave me medication and cooked me light food.

Saurabh who lives in Juniper dorm, for being a great travelling companion on the way from Pang to Manali and for showing me around Manali. We are liked minded in terms of craziness.


Motorcyclists Association of Pakistan for aiding me in my Pakistan Visa application.

Mukaram Tareen has been a great advisor ever since I arrive in Lahore and has helped connect me to many bikers in Pakistan.

Zenith, Sultan Irfan and mother for having me in their home in Lahore

Akram and family for inviting me to their home for meal and chat face-to-face after chatting online for a few months

Sanaullah and family for hosting me in Islamabad.

Beena, Guleena for being incredible host in Peshawar, and loaning me dress for the wedding.

Dr Ehsen Naveed and his family Auntie Naveeda, Ezza, Elishbad, Hassan for treating me like a family member in Abbottabad, looking after me when I had tummy problem.

Dr Gul and Abdul Raman of Battagram for hosting me and showing me the medical facility that you have set up for people of Tha Kor. I am very impressed by your dedication to the people.

Said Rahman policeman in Dasu who went beyond his duty to ensure my safety and bought me fruits.

Yaaqoob of Madina Hotel 2 for stay and also wise, thought-provoking conversations.

Jasmine, a Singaporean I met in Hunza Valley. She cooked laksa, my first Singapore dish in months.

Zahir of Gulmit Continental Hotel, Uncle Ali for showing us around beautiful Gulmit and inviting me and Jasmine to your homes.

Sayed for the friendship, invitation to your home in your absence, Sorry for vomitting outside your home.

Hussein, Aslan, Salman of Karimabad Inn, motto, Come as Guest, Leave as Family.

Abbasi family in Islamabad whom I stayed with while sorting out my visa issues. Thank you for teaching me to cook and showing me so much love.

Aamir Sattar and family of Faisalabad. Thank you for the Shalwar Kameez that I could wear for the wedding. The excursion to Chiniot and Khewra Salt Mine is something I will not forget.

Taiba and Shoaib for the lunch in Lahore and walk around the park.

Bikers and Hikers Club members for their hospitality and help in finding nuts for my scooter.

Omair Raza and mum for allowing me to stay with them in Lahore and the ginger cinnamon tea to cope with the cold.

Osama and Ayesha and family for hosting me in Gujrawala.

Zeeshan helping me with scooter electrical issues and hosting me in Multan.

Shahzad in Sadiqabad for running back and fore so many times to sort my piston problem.

Countless shopkeepers and mechanics who refused payment from me because I am their guest.

Hamid for facilitating the crossing across Pakistan and Iran.

Muhammad Amin from Bandar Abbas, the most annoying guy I met in Iran but also very dear to me.

Farough, Sina who hosted me when I was in Shiraz. Thank you for showing me Shiraz. I had so much fun there.

Bijan, Raha for hosting me in Tehran

Abbas, Soheil, Masoud for fixing my scooter.





Hassan Kaya, Sefik

Samsun Motorcycle Club

Kastamonu Muhammad for the Meal

My PayPal contributors
If you appreciate all the photo reports, you can contribute to this adventure here.

Those who treated me to a Hearty Meal
Ko Boon Keat
Faiz Muhammad
Nicholas Rogers
Kenneth Lim
Christopher Hull
Francis Bendall-Jones
Kok Heng Tan
Wong Yen
Mariane Malek
Poh Seng Tang
Shi Tong Chin
Gerry Stone
Ulrich Knauber
James Koh
Aldo Lorenzi
Sok huang baey
Hamish Button
Martin Hook
Tan Tiong Ann
Keith Todd
Muhammad Hamizan Mohammad Sabar
Ng Han Jin

Those who funded a Tankful of Petrol
Brian Kiloh
Brindusa Delion
Brindusa Delion
Chua Eik Meng
Goh Lin Hoe
Kevin Brooks
Faizal Razak
N***** K****
Royce Ow
Asmadi Hassan
Mariane Malek
Zi Su
RCR MZ Motorcycle spares scotland
Jimmy Tan
Christian Hirt
Stefan Ralk
Yuen Wan
Teh Hui Wan
Brendan Marley
Krabel Steven
Jeanette Lim
Ivan Sordo
Lee Yip
Lee Yip
Kathy Carless
Jewl Group Pte Ltd
Yew Chong Quak
Siong Ching Low
Grace Lee
James Carey
Lynette Ong
SantoshH B H
Tan Chin Chye
Eugene Gan
Ying Sze
Asmadi Hassan
Koh Swee Nguan
Susan Menard
Alex Ho

Those who sponsored a night of Lodging
Rashmi Tambe
maurizio venturato
Lim Yew Kwang
Geir Gaasland
Lynette Lloyd
Timothy Yap
TengLong Chia
Peter Mattison
Sven Assmann
Thaddeus Ong
Ju-Len Leow
Mariane Malek
Anthony Lucente
Yee Haur Loh
Massimo Pironato
Wong Gen
Bernadette Meier
RCR MZ Motorcycle spares scotland
Margaret Pain
Jason Cochrane
Yang Say Kai
Cheryl Beh
Tay Lye Heng
Aliza binte Amran
Sunil Singh
Jason Wong
Elizabeth Tang
Karl Wee
Eng Kiew Tan
Masjannah Jumadi
Ju-Len Leow
Mohamed Rashied mohamed Rashied
Damiano Baldi
Christoph Lachinger
Aretha loh
Tay Chiow Chee
Cia Pen
Moto-Montana Outfitters, LLC
Maurizio Venturato
Gim Kiat Teo
Martin Hook
Alain Caspar
James Dix
Mei Mei Lee
Hong Tze Leow
Ju-Len Leow
Nathan Wong
Sivalingam Sundaram
wong lee
Kathy Carless
Nathan Wong
Ivan Sordo
Nick Goh
wong lee
Alvina Goh
Melvin Lew
Wong Lee
Grace Lee
Maurizio Venturato
Olaf Biethan
Ju-Len Leow
Wong Chuan Kian
David Early
Alex Ho

Those who bought a Tyre
Lina Rahman (Monthly)
Jo Yeo
Sarah Loh
Elton Ng Motology Store
Elton Ng Motology Store
Christopher Hull
Peter Domorak
Alex Ng
Torsten Bukau
Julia Tan
Cheng Leong Lam
Nathan Wong
Maurizio Venturato
Emiline Chee Meiyan
Roland Tan
Ong Han Min
Windfall Logging
Fay Franklin
Martin Seymour
Michael Ceranski
Ooi Xian Zhao
Naresh Singh
Willy Ho
Khoo Chunkeat
Paul Clancy
Benedikt Rammelaere
Dave Poh
Jannet Tan
Chan Huiqin Cheryl
Aditya Vats
Phyo Sithu
Uei Lym Tan
Agus Tiar
Anthony Lucente
Victor Tan
Andrew Toh
Chee Meiyan Emiline
Meiyan Emiline Chee
Nathan Millward
Zairudee Selamat
Michael-Andrew Pfeiffer
Julia Tan
Wai Yim Mark Toh
Jennifer Lee
Tan Joo Peng
Colin Baines
Jose Carbo
Peter Amalraj
Ronnie Ang
Kum Cheong Leong
Lee Boon Heong
Nathan Wong
Anthony Lucente

Those who bought a Pair of Tyres
Lee Swee Farn (Monthly)
Lim Muji
Wee chuan You
Seng Chuan Ho
Freek Leemhuis
Adrian Lee
Cheng Leong Lam
Raymond Cheok
Sea Mang Ying
Joy Victoria Wing
Jin Cheng Motor
Jin Cheng Motor
Jin Cheng Motor
Jin Cheng Motor
Jin Cheng Motor
Nikhil Sequeira
Darren Huang
Lim Rainer
Saiful Yahaya
Shauki Ahmad
Kate Wong
Nielsen Chia
Gurcharan Singh
Nicholas Tan
Aaron Thor
Changez Jan
Changez Jan
Aaron Thor
Ivan Sordo
Aaron Thor
Muhammad Alkhatib
Kent Leow
Ilario Stefano Lavarra (Vespanda)
Lu yan Song
James Koh
Aaron Thor
Changez Jan
Lim Rainer
Fara Rabu
Changez Jan
Cheng Leong Lam
Aaron Thor
Jimmy Yip
Eileen Lay Choo Khoo
Nicholas Tan
Changez Jan
Changez Jan
Jeffrey Chen
Aaron Thor
Lou SiowFen
Maryanah M Muzakir
Lam Cheng Leong
Michael Rauck
Hotwheels Motorsports
Choong Luen Lien
Changez Jan
Changez Jan
Leroy Liew
Hoa Leon Ow Yong
Joyce Lim
Kelvin Chong
Sam Leo
Aaron Thor
Andy Medway
Andy Medway

10 Pairs of Tyres
Harley United Group Singapore


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